HERE'S THE SCOOP: Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist

New for 2017, Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist takes the "ouch" out of hair removal!  

No matter the technique - waxing, shaving, or using depilatory creams - Not Feeling It helps almost immediately relieve any discomfort with its easy application before or after hair removal.

With its dynamic formula, using a special Lidocaine base, Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist temporarily numbs the skin. As a topical anesthetic, it penetrates both the surface and the deeper layers of the skin to numb targeted areas.  A true friend with benefits, Not Feeling It contains super moisturizing properties to help leave your skin feeling healthy, sexy, and smooth.

Not Feeling It's key ingredients & benefits include:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lidocaine - numbs the nerve receptacles of the skin, therefore reducing any feeling of pain. Perfect for use on those areas that are a little more prone to pain
  • Liponate GCK – soft, non-greasy emollient that helps soothe skin
  • Permethyl 101A – highly moisturizing properties that leave skin feeling smooth, soft, and non-drying

How to Use Not Feeling It:

Quick, easy and “ouchless.” Spray liberally on affected areas before or after waxing, shaving or using depilatory creams.  Apply to dry, cleansed skin. Great for face, legs, under arms or bikini area.

Not Feeling It is available on and at Ulta and :)

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