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Our Two NEW Products -- Not Feeling It & Easy Off!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our two NEW products -- Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist and Easy Off! Foaming Hair Removal Spray.

Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist takes the "ouch" out of hair removal!  No matter the technique - waxing, shaving, or using depilatory creams - Not Feeling It helps almost immediately relieve any discomfort with its easy application before or after hair removal. 

With its dynamic formula, using a special Lidocaine base, Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist temporarily numbs the skin. As a topical anesthetic, it penetrates both the surface and the deeper layers of the skin to numb targeted areas.  A true friend with benefits, Not Feeling It contains super moisturizing properties to help leave your skin feeling healthy, sexy, and smooth.

Easy Off! Foaming Hair Removal Spray makes hair removal tidier and trouble-free and leaving your skin feeling healthy, sexy, and smooth. 

It’s as simple as just spray and wash with Easy Off!  The delicate easy-to-use foam takes off unwanted hair by simply melting it away.  Having less emulsions than depilatory lotions, Easy Off! is ideal for sensitive skin. This amazing formula also contains volcanic ash to exfoliate your skin leaving it extra smooth.


We are eager for you to try our brand new products -- we hope you enjoy your amazing results!

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  • Completely Bare on

    Hi PJ! Yes — all of our products can be used by men and women.
    xo The CB Team

  • PJ on

    Can all your products be used by men who shave their bodies?

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